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Since the introduction of recreational marijuana use in 2017, it is legal to use cannabis for both therapeutic and recreational purposes in Nevada. Now, you won't need to hide or use a mandatory medical card to obtain and enjoy a good smoke.

However, even though the purchase and consumption of marijuana are legal in the state, there are a variety of rules that regulate the use of cannabis. If you are a cannabis lover and want to consume it without worry, you must know the most important.

Top-7 FAQs About the Cannabis Use in Nevada

  1. Is Marijuana Allowed for Everyone?

As long as you are of legal age. Anyone over 21 can purchase cannabis in Nevada for therapeutic or recreational purposes. You only need to carry a government-issued identification document (license, ID, or passport). The document must be current, and it must be scannable by the authorities.

  1. Can I Consume Marijuana in Public?

Legally marijuana can be consumed in your residence. It is not legal to consume cannabis in any form in public, including in public places, plazas, parks, or streets. There are also no pot lounges or specialized venues in Nevada. Nor is a hotel room considered “private”, so if you are a visitor you will need to know someone with a residence.

  1. Where Can I Buy My Cannabis?

You can legally purchase your products at any of the authorized marijuana dispensaries in Reno or throughout the rest of the state. Be careful with the dispensary you choose, since, after the relaxation of the law, a large number of illegal establishments have appeared, which do not comply with the regulations, nor do they have the pertinent state permits.

  1. Why Buy Only from Licensed Dispensaries?

Keep in mind that all companies that are legally in the cannabis industry in Nevada must comply with different regulations. Among them are quality standards. When you buy from licensed cannabis stores, you are guaranteed that the product you buy is exceptional. Besides, you can get into trouble with the law when you buy cannabis from illegal sources.

  1. How Much Cannabis Can I Buy at the Dispensary?

The best recreational weed dispensaries will be able to sell you up to one ounce of buds for recreational purposes. If you are buying concentrated products such as shatter, wax, crumble, or oils, you may carry up to 1/5 of an ounce. In the case of therapeutic cannabis, patients may purchase up to 2.5 ounces of product every 14 days.

  1. Do Dispensaries Keep My Personal Information?

No. The sale of recreational marijuana in Nevada is conducted with complete discretion. Dispensaries can keep your personal information on file for as little as 24 hours. They are required by law to destroy the records daily.

  1. Can I Only Buy Cannabis in the Store?

No. You can take advantage of the cannabis delivery services in Reno offered by most licensed dispensaries. Top providers like Three Nations Cannabis offer cannabis drive-thru service, where you can buy online in the comfort of your home, and then stop by our store only to pick up your purchase.

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